Razzle Dazzle Window CleaningPricing

What are the costs involved?

There are many factors to take into account when pricing a window cleaning job. These include:

  1. Approximately how many windows require cleaning?
  2. How dirty are your windows on a scale of 1 -10?
  3. Height, the higher the window the more risk involved and skill required
  4. Type of glass eg. difficult to clean types such as Viridian Comfort Plus Glass
  5. Inclusion of flyscreens, tracks, sills, frames or other surfaces
  6. Timeframe, such as night work, weekend work or emergency call outs
  7. On average, how often would you have your windows cleaned?
  8. Will I need to provide height access systems such as scaffolding?
  9. Are there any other factors to consider in the difficulty of  the  job?
  10. Other factors related to difficulty of the job
How To Get A Competitively Priced Quote

It is vitally important that you find the most appropriate service provider for you. When it comes to window cleaning prices, there is a lot of variation. Of course you want the cheapest prices and may wish to shop around. However, this can take some time, so before calling it is good to know what to ask so that you can find the best and most cost effective solution. Razzle Dazzle Professional Window Cleaning offer free quotes.

Take note though, many companies will charge extra for things that you may not have considered such as travel time or location. Use the following list to ensure that you know exactly what you need, so that you can get the most accurate quote and therefore, save money.

Things to consider before calling for cost/ pricing information
  1. How many windows and sliding doors do you have?
  2. Do you require both internal and external cleaning?
  3. Are you planning to have the windows cleaned on a regular basis or is this just a “one off”?
  4. Is there a restricted time frame – for example weekends or after hours?
  5. Do you have a single level property or does it exceed 3 storeys?
  6. How many individual windows?
  7. Size of each window?
  8. Do you want both sides cleaned? Or just the inside or outside?
  9. How dirty are your windows? Moderate or filthy?
  10. Do you have fly-screens, safety screens, grills, curtains, blinds – anything that may interfere with the cleaning process?
  11. Are the windows in direct sunlight?
  12. Do you want fly screens cleaned as well? (Highly recommended, as dirt from the fly screens often is transferred to the windows).
  13. Do you want environmentally friendly cleaning solutions used?
  14. Do you need a post construction/builder’s clean?
  15. Do I need to provide safety signage? – eg CAUTION WET FLOORS
  16. Is there anything impeding the cleaning of the windows?
  17. What method of payment will you be using?

Razzle Dazzle Professional Window Cleaning will provide you with a quote at the best possible price once we have considered all the variables above.  We pride ourselves on being extremely competitive while at the same time maintaining the highest standard. 

For residential window cleaning, we find that most 2 bedroom apartments are around $150 for all glass to be fully cleaned inside AND outside. Houses have more variation in price but usually start at $180 for ground level homes in and out with most falling around the $200-$250 range.

Large Homes that are two storey or with high access glass $250+.

For commercial window cleaning, builders cleans and strata window cleaning we would normally arrange for a quotation onsite.